Teaching With VR.

Virtual and augmented reality at the University of Liège.

Learning by doing

Immersion in fully controlled realistic environments

Learning & having fun.

New Ways of Learning.

About us

A project of the University of Liège as part of its strategic plan

Imagine... All the students, when they want and at no cost, can visit as often as they want real life companies or historical sites.

They can experience professional situations in a safe and controlled way in the comfort of a class room

. Now, our logistics students can compare theoretical models by testing them in practice in a virtual factory.

We can treat and explain how to treat a phobia like vertigo or arachnophobia without having to send a student to the highest building or without confronting him with real mygales.

A student in Architecture can visit and test the building he is modeling long before the start of the construction.

All our students can practice a foreign language in a rich interactive environment.

The students in Medicine can enter inside the body to look in details and in 3D any part of the anatomy

Nearly not limit...


Everything is possible

With a virtual reality headset, the user is temporarily disconnected from the real world to be immersed in a graphical environment that becomes his new reality.

This virtual universe can be a faithful representation of the real world or an enriched world; in particular thanks to augmented reality, i.e. the possibility of adding layers of information to what we see. The user can look in all directions, move, interact with elements and even physically feel some stimuli.



VR for teaching is one the new strategic projects of the University. The project was initiated in 2017 by the 1st Vice-Rector E. Haubruge. Four professors were designated to build the first educational environements: Michaël Schyns (HEC Liège), Anne-Marie Etienne (Faculty of Psycheology and Educational Sciences), Roland Billen (Faculty of Sciences), Björn-Olav Dozo (Faculty of Philosophy and Letters)

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CocinaFollow a recipe dictated in Spanish and prepare a tasty gaspacho using virtual reality

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Château de JehayTourism, architecture, phobias... an ultra-realistic multi-functional environment (laser scan).

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Logistic managementOptimisation of a warehouse and learn how to drive a Clark

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More projects

Our students in Business Engineering at HEC-Liège (Master Digital Business) learn VR/AR and create fully operational environments.

Our team.


Michaël Schyns — m.schyns@uliege.be
Université de Liège, HEC-Liège, 14 rue Louvrex, Belgique

Anne-Marie Etienne — am.etienne@uliege.be
Université de Liège, Fac. Psychologie et Sc. de l'Education, 30 rue de l'Aunaie, Belgique

Roland Billen — rbillen@uliege.be
Université de Liège, Fac. Sciences, 19 allée du six Août, Belgique

Björn-Olav Dozo — bo.dozo@uliege.be
Université de Liège, Fac. Philosophie et Lettres, 1B quai Roosevelt, Belgique

Project Manager

Quentin Valembois — q.valembois@uliege.be
Université de Liège, HEC-Liège, 14 rue Louvrex, Belgique


Alexis Jacquemin — a.jacquemin@uliege.be
Université de Liège, HEC-Liège, 14 rue Louvrex, Belgique

Maxime Arrotin — m.arrotin@uliege.be
Université de Liège, HEC-Liège, 14 rue Louvrex, Belgique


Anthony Willocq — anthony.willocq@uliege.be
Université de Liège, HEC-Liège, 14 rue Louvrex, Belgique

research and other contributors

... a lot of persons through the whole University!
For more info, contact one of the four professors in charge.

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